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How To Spot Elder Abuse And Neglect

The first step in filing a claim against your elder’s abuser is being able to spot the signs of the abuse. While there are many forms of abuse and neglect that can happen under the care of another person, not many people know what signs to look for at a care facility.

At York Law Firm, you can benefit from our extensive experience and knowledge of elder abuse law. We proudly serve clients throughout the Bay Area with their elder abuse needs, and we want to take a moment to teach you how to look for signs of abuse in your loved one’s home.

The Causes And Signs Of Abuse And Neglect

Not all abuse comes from the malicious actions of a caretaker. Common causes of abuse include not enough staff working, poorly educated staff, staff members with personal issues, and even language barriers. Despite the causes of abuse, there are several signs that can appear in many situations, such as:

  • Bruising/bedsores – Dark purple or yellowish patches of skin often indicate bruising, which can come directly from physical abuse or as a result of a fall caused by neglect.
  • Malnourishment – If there are not enough staff to ensure your loved one is eating or a caretaker is deliberately withholding food from them, the results can be deadly.
  • Poor hygiene – Long, dirty fingernails, unbrushed teeth, body odor and greasy hair may not seem like a sign of abuse, but it may be the telling sign of a caretaker neglecting your loved one.
  • Personality changes – If your outgoing elder suddenly does not want to leave their room or if they were previously calm but now are jittery or panicked, it may be the resulting trauma of several forms of abuse.

If you notice these or other warning signs of abuse or neglect, do not dismiss your instincts. No matter how nice a facility seems to be, there is always the potential for abuse. Your job is to keep a vigilant eye out for the signs of abuse, our job is to help you seek justice if it happens.

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