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Uniting Victims With Class Actions

If you and several other people have suffered the same or similar financial or personal injury by the same product or Corporate/Institutional action, you may be able to sue for damages as a group. This is known as a class action lawsuit. With the help of an attorney experienced in handling class action claims, you are more likely to bring your collective case to a favorable resolution. York Law Firm can provide the dedicated legal counsel you need from its team of class actions lawsuit attorneys. We will work diligently to obtain the full measure of compensation to which you and others like you are entitled.

What Is A Class Action Lawsuit?

A class action is a type of lawsuit filed by members of a group whose members suffered from a common wrong. Examples include personal injury caused by a mass transit accident, defective product, a flawed medical device, or financial injury caused by an employer’s violation of state wage and hour laws, employment discrimination, consumer fraud or corporate misconduct. In a class action lawsuit, a representative plaintiff sues on behalf of all members of the group in order to recover damages for the entire group. Class actions eliminate the need for each member of the group to file an individual lawsuit, therefore making the process of settling the claim much more efficient and economical.

Types Of Consumer Class Action Lawsuits

Defective Products

When a manufacturer places an object or device on the market that proves to be defective, the manufacturer will be held strictly liable for any injury inflicted on the consumer that results therefrom. State and federal law offer consumer protection against defective products, products that are defectively designed, and products with false or misleading advertising.

Credit Card Holders

There have been several class action lawsuits filed against major credit card companies for various reasons. For instance, several class action lawsuits have been filed against Capital One for marking payments received on time as late and assessing late payment fees. Capital One was also accused of increasing its interest rate as a result of the supposed late payments.

Internet Service Customers

Internet service providers are often sued in class action lawsuits for distributing customers’ private information. A class action lawsuit has recently been filed against the popular social networking website, Facebook Inc., alleging the company mishandled users’ private information and therefore breached users’ privacy.

Prescription Drug Purchasers

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves prescription drugs when the drug’s benefits are believed to outweigh its costs. Yet, it is impossible for the FDA to foresee every possible side effect of the drug. When a prescription drug turns out to be defective, all those injured or impaired by the drug may file a class-action lawsuit.

Experienced Class Action Attorneys

York Law Firm is a leader in prosecuting consumer and employment class action lawsuits in both state and federal courts. We have filed consumer class actions to protect individuals and businesses from false advertising, unfair or deceptive business practices, and insurance bad faith. We have obtained significant settlements and judgments for thousands of clients. We investigate cases where consumers are the victims of defective products, credit card holders, Internet service customers and prescription drug purchasers.

Choose Our Class Action Attorneys

If you are part of a group of individuals who have been injured by the same product or corporate wrongdoing, you may be able to file a mass tort or class action lawsuit to obtain compensation for your injuries. Contact York Law Firm today to schedule a case review with one of our class action lawsuit attorneys.