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Is a nursing home overcharging your loved one?

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2023 | Elder Abuse

The sad and harsh truth is that American nursing homes are fraught with scandals and opportunists who want to take advantage of your loved ones. You expect these facilities to care of your loved ones, yet many put profits above people and are plagued with cases of elder abuse and neglect.

Know what they are paying for

It’s no secret that nursing homes are expensive, but sometimes it’s the only option for making sure a loved one is safe and healthy. However, multiple reports show that some private nursing homes perform unnecessary procedures or charge patients for services they never received. Additionally, perpetrators are also exploiting hospice care by improperly enrolling nonterminal patients.

It can help if you review the monthly statement with the nursing home resident. The bill should outline the services and products supplied to the resident. Sadly, it is very uncommon for facilities to overcharge for supplies like bandages and diapers or amenities. The resident may also help point out any services they did not actually receive.

Ideally, the total should generally be the same for every billing cycle. If there are huge discrepancies in the bill, you may want to look at each item the nursing home is charging for and see whether it is justifiable.

The care facility also should not be sneaking in unexpected fees. If they need to increase prices or charge for certain things, they must notify the resident or payor first.

It pays to be vigilant

Nursing home abuse is too common to ignore. A care facility driven by profit may push your loved one to undergo unnecessary, unsafe or potentially fatal medical treatments. If you suspect a facility is overcharging or mistreating your loved one, you have the right to question their billing methods or consult with a third party, such as an elderly abuse attorney.