Fighting For The Elderly, Vulnerable and Injured.

At first, blush, when you hear the term bed sores it doesn’t sound serious. However, we have to take immediate notice because bedsores are a sign of serious neglect. Bedsores can develop quickly; if a person is not receiving the proper amount of circulation within their body, (usually due to lack of activity), weak spots can form on the skin and develop into bedsores. Bedsores can be extremely painful and take a very long time to heal, even when treated properly. If your loved one is diabetic and they develop bedsore on their heel, they’re going to lose their leg. Or if they develop bedsore on their bottom and it goes to the bone, they will have to continue to live in pain every single day. And that’s not fair. Our nursing homes do not give appropriate respect and care to our elderly. York Law Firm cares deeply about our elderly and know they deserve every possible form of proper care and attention. This blatant lack of oversight in the nursing home industry is costing our loved ones adequate care and sometimes, even, their lives. At York Law Firm, we go after these nursing homes. We hold them accountable.

Here’s more information regarding bedsores and the warning signs of bed sores.

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