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Nursing Home Neglect Case

Nursing Home Neglect Case

A recap by Consumer Attorneys of California of a nursing home neglect case that made Wendy York a Finalist for 2006 Consumer Attorney of the Year Award.

Interview Transcript


INTERVIEWOR: Wendy York protects those in our community who need it most – the elderly. So when the family of Dr. Keith Maddy had suspicions about his nursing home, they called her.

WENDY YORK: From all outwards appearances, this facility looked fabulous.

INTERVIEWOR: But that appearance was deceiving. Dr. Maddy served in the CIA and as a Colonel in the U.S. Army. When he needed care for his dementia, those who were supposed to serve him – failed.

WENDY YORK: He was subjected to being teased when his diapers were changed. The staff would tease him about the size of his genitals. He would be left sitting in his excrement in a wheelchair. The staff wouldn’t change his diapers.

INTERVIEWOR: And then there were the falls. More than three dozen of them. Dr. Maddy’s last fall took his life. The insurance company wouldn’t pay the policy but hard work and hard negotiation paid off. A settlement of $1 million dollars and an assurance that it won’t happen again.

WENDY YORK: They had to sell all three facilities because they could no longer find insurance in California for their three facilities. So we closed them down. It feels really good because these owners had no business being in this business.