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Firehouse Gone Wild

Firehouse Gone Wild

A feature story regarding the current trend in sex scandals and misconduct in America’s fire departments.


REPORTER: Noticed the number of stories about firehouse antics in the past few months. It is like heroes gone wild but when you dig deeper like we did – it boils down to one unavoidable fact. Some girls just can’t resist the uniforms and our Tina Malavay says – she is one of them.


TINA: And then there is Sacramento, California. A real hot bed of firehouse antics. Attorney Wendy York represents women who are suing the local fire department. She has had her choice from a menu of outrageous firehouse entrees.

WENDY YORK: From drinking on the job, having sex on the job in these instances that we have gone over. The porn star party, the cruising for the girls.

TINA: Among Wendy York’s more serious cases is that of a female firefighter who was allegedly harassed out of her job by a firehouse fraternity.

WENDY YORK: At Station 6 there is a group of Orangemen who are all guys. They have a reputation within the Department of being elitist and sexist and the fire service was Carol Irving’s life and she was going to make it her career.

TINA: The Orangemen allegedly didn’t want an Orangewoman around so they did things like tagging her gear with orange paint and writing a nasty message on her axe handle. The crossed the practical joke line with this photo of a doll with a gun to its head and it gets worse.

WENDY YORK: They put a mousetrap and this isn’t the exact one but they put a mousetrap in her boot and the mousetrap snapped on her toe.

TINA: That was not funny. But some other antics raised some smiles and eyebrows like the four fighters.