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Even a single auto defect could warrant an NHTSA probe

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

It was recently announced that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has launched another investigation into various Tesla models. This time, it is not their self-driving capabilities that are at issue. Instead, the investigation was initiated because multiple Model Y owners have had their steering wheels detach completely while the vehicles were being driven.

Having your steering wheel come off in your hands while you’re barreling down a highway at significant speeds is the stuff of nightmares. It is because the potential consequences of this kind of defect are so egregious that only two reports of this issue inspired the NHTSA to launch an investigation. A recall may follow as a result of the investigation. 

If you see something, say something

All too often, individuals who experience something “off” or “odd” with their vehicles don’t speak up because they are (understandably) concerned about overreacting. However, even seemingly minor changes in a vehicle’s capabilities may signal a significant problem that could increase the likelihood that the vehicle will be involved in a crash.

For example, Ford just recalled more than 1 million vehicles because of the risk that their brake hoses would rupture, leak fluid and cause a delay in the amount of time it would take motorists to come to a complete stop. 

By understanding that invisible car defects that can be difficult – or impossible – for a motorist to perceive may increase the likelihood of a collision, motorists can be reminded to avoid making assumptions about what has caused a crash until it has been thoroughly investigated. This necessity is one of the reasons why seeking legal guidance in the wake of an accident is so important.