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3 things to know about nursing home abuse

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2023 | Elder Abuse

Residents of nursing homes expect that they will be taken care of appropriately. A proper level of care is usually afforded without any issues, but – all too often – there are times when residents are abused by staff members at nursing homes.

Nursing home abuse is tragic, partially because it rips any sense of security away from residents. They may also have to deal with financial difficulties and physical injuries. The mental health toll that abuse takes is also considerable.

1. Abuse isn’t always easy to spot

It’s not always easy to spot the signs of nursing home abuse because physical marks aren’t always left on a resident’s body. Other signs, such as the resident being withdrawn or isolated, can point to a problem.

Residents should always be dressed appropriately and have decent personal hygiene. They should also be well fed and hydrated. Proper medical care and assistance as needed are also necessary. When any of those basics aren’t met, there could be a serious problem within the nursing home.

2. Multiple types of abuse can occur in tandem

Some nursing home residents experience multiple types of abuse at one time. A staff member may take their money and berate them so they lose their confidence. They may use physical force to get their way, which could lead to serious injuries.

3. Elder abuse likely won’t stop by itself

People who abuse nursing home residents likely aren’t going to stop unless they get caught. This means that unless someone speaks up about what’s going on, residents will continue to suffer. Some residents are apprehensive to speak up because they are ashamed or fear retaliation.

Nursing home abuse is a serious matter that requires prompt attention. Taking legal action against the abuser and facility can help to put a stop to the mistreatment of a victim and it might help to prevent more victims from having to suffer. There are strict time limits in California for these cases, so be sure you act swiftly if you suspect that something is wrong. Working with a legal professional who is familiar with these matters can be beneficial, partially because you can draw from their experience.