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Nursing Home Employees Caught Torturing Dementia Patients’ Comfort Dolls

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2016 | Firm News

Nursing Home Employees Caught Torturing Dementia Patients’ Comfort Dolls

It still shocks me every time I read a story of nursing home employees caught doing unthinkable acts. This case involves two employees of a nursing home in England who videotaped each other bullying dementia patients by torturing their comfort dolls. Comfort dolls is a form of doll therapy for dementia patients which gives them a feeling of security, and in some instances dementia patients think that the doll is their real child.

These two staff members were torturing the dementia patients’ comfort dolls by hanging the doll with a noose, boiling the doll in a pan, tossing a doll on the ground and screaming, “Die baby die!”

Can you imagine how these dementia patients felt seeing their comfort dolls tortured by the caregivers assigned to take care of them? If the concept of comfort dolls is foreign to you, imagine someone taking one of your child’s security snuggles (favorite stuffed animal or doll) and the nanny/caregiver torturing your child’s security (stuffed animal/doll) in the presence of your child.

This story illustrates the importance of hiring caring, nurturing employees who are adequately staffed and trained to provide care for our elderly and memory-impaired residents.

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