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Nursing Home Neglect Cases

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2014 | Blog, Law Articles, Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing Home Neglect Cases

The nursing home industry is big business and they’re putting profit over people. We’re seeing it in several forms. One is understaffing. They don’t have sufficient staff to give care to our loved ones. Or their staff don’t have the proper training or education to understand their medical conditions. But most importantly, the most disturbing trend is that there are caregivers who truly don’t care about our most vulnerable society, our elders. And so they have no patience when dealing with our loved ones who have Alzheimer’s or dementia. And that’s where we come in. We go after these nursing homes and we hold them accountable for their lack of responsibility and their neglect.

York Law Firm is comprised of Sacramento lawyers that handle nursing home neglect and elder abuse cases. If you believe your loved one has been the victim of elder abuse or neglect in a nursing home or assisted living facility, or believe your family has a wrongful death claim, please call our office so that we can investigate your case at 916-643-2200 or contact us online. We are dedicated to representing families whose elders and dependent adults who have been injured, neglected or abused.