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What is Hospice and Should My Loved One Be Placed On Hospice?

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What is Hospice and Should My Loved One Be Placed On Hospice?

What is Hospice and Should My Loved One be placed on Hospice? – Hospice care is not considered a type of treatment for sick patients, but rather a plan of care for terminally ill or dying patients who are assessed as having six months or less to live. However, hospice is not a death sentence and a patient’s health condition can improve such that they go off of hospice. It is specifically designed for those whose illnesses or cancer cannot be cured but are not immediately fatal. The care does not focus on rehabilitation or curing the illness, but rather centralizes on comfort and support for the patient. Patients in hospice care receive specialized care for pain management, but again, the goal of this treatment is not to prolong life but rather to make the patient’s remaining days more comfortable. Hospice is generally available to patients who live at home, in nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, or retirement centers.

To be placed on hospice requires a physician’s signed order and consent by the patient or patient’s representative. If your loved one has been referred to hospice, we encourage you to first speak to your doctor to evaluate whether your loved one’s medical conditions are such that he or she is appropriate for hospice.

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