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What Is a Board and Care Home and Is It Right For Your Loved One?

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Is Board and Care Home Good For Elders

Board and care homes are one type of RCFE (Residential Care Facility for Elderly). They are licensed by the Department of Social Services and must meet all applicable state regulations. Board and care homes typically care for no more than 10 patients at any given time. Typically board and care facilities are suitable for persons who are still relatively independent, but may need a minimal amount of assistance in daily tasks.

While the operation of an RCFE requires a license, it is important to note that these are non-medical facilities. They provide many basic daily services (i.e. meals, housekeeping, supervision, storage/distribution of medications.) However, unlike skilled nursing facilities, they do not have specific staff-resident ratios nor 24 hour nursing care. Instead, they are only required to staff sufficient personnel to provide the services necessary to meet resident needs. (CA Code of Regs., Title 22 §87565.) Facilities with fewer than 15 residents must have at least 1 “qualified” person on call and on the premises; in facilities with more than 15 residents, but less than 100, there must be at least 1 person awake and on the premises at all times and there must be another person on call and capable of responding in 10 minutes or less. (CA Code of Regs., Title 22 §87581.)

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