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Lack of Training Results in Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2014 | Blog, Elder Abuse, Nursing home Abuse, Nursing Home Neglect

Lack of Training Results in Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Yet another story makes the news involving a nursing home where a CNA staff member, while using a mechanical lift, drops a resident resulting in a serious head injury. During the Department of Health & Human Services’ investigation, it was discovered that the CNA was never trained on the proper use of a mechanical lift. When the CNA was asked if she had training to use the mechanical lift1, she said: “No.” Worse, when other staff were asked if they had received training on how to properly use a mechanical lift to transfer residents, they too had not received any training.

This most recent news stories only highlights an epidemic in the long-term care industry: the failure to train staff and the corresponding consequences of injuries and death in our elderly. Dropping a resident from mechanical lifts usually result in fatal injuries (subdural hematoma, hip fractures, etc.)

Wendy York and the team at York Law Firm have been handling drops from mechanical lifts as a part of their elder abuse practice for almost 20 years. If you believe your loved one has been the victim of elder abuse or neglect in a nursing home or assisted living facility, please call our office so that we can investigate your case at 916-643-2200. We are dedicated to representing elders and dependent adults who have been injured, neglected or abused.

1A mechanical lift is a device used to lift residents during bed transfers. The resident is often suspended in mid-air. It is important to ensure staff are properly trained on the use and maintenance of a mechanical lift.