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Steps to Take After a Motor Vehicle Accident

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2010 | Blog, Law Articles, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury

Steps to Take After a Motor Vehicle Accident

You’ve just been involved in a motor vehicle accident.  What now?

Knowing what to do after an auto accident is important, and can mean the difference between recovery and no recovery.  You will likely be “shaken up,” maybe even unable to think.  Here are some steps to Take After a Motor Vehicle Accident

Of course, if anyone is hurt, call 911.  Immediate medical attention after an injury can prevent it from getting worse.

Also, notify the police.  California requires that the police are notified of any collision before you leave the scene.  Make sure to ask the name of the officer at the scene and write it down as soon as you can for your personal records.

At the scene of the crash, exchange the following information: name, address, phone number, the insurance company, policy number, driver’s license and license plate numbers from each vehicle.  If there are any witnesses, take down his or her name and phone number.  A witness will help corroborate your version of events should there be any disagreement on how the crash occurred and who is at fault.  If you can, use a camera to document the damage to your vehicle.  Then, make sure to file an accident report with your Department of Motor Vehicles.

Do not discuss any fault on your part.  If the other driver admits he or she was “in the wrong,” take a mental note of it and write it down a soon as possible.  You want to be freed from liability, and verbatim quotes of admission of fault from the other party can help bolster your case should there later be disagreement about fault.

Contact your insurance agent to notify your insurance company of the accident.  This must be done as soon as possible; failure to notify the insurance company within a reasonable time may result in denial of your claim.  Also, try not to interact with the other party’s insurance company.  No matter how nice or accommodating they may seem, it is their job to minimize your recovery.  It is best to steer clear of the opposing party’s insurance company altogether.

If you are injured by the accident and decide to file a car accident injury claim, find an experienced car accident injury attorney to help protect your legal claim.  An attorney can help you obtain damages for your past and future medical bills, emotional trauma, loss of future income, pain and suffering, and your resulting injuries.  Do not talk to the insurance adjuster – they do not have your best interests at heart.  Insurance adjusters seek to minimize your injuries and pay as little money on claims.

Lastly, make sure you file your claim within the statute of limitations.  The statute of limitation differs depending in the subject matter of your case.  The attorneys at York Law Firm can advise you on the applicable statute of limitations.

Car accident injury claims have complex legal issues that only an experienced personal injury attorney can handle.  The attorneys at York Law Firm have been successful in numerous car accident injury cases and will use all available resources to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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