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FDA Pulls Hydroxycut

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2009 | Blog, Consumer Rights, Personal Injury

FDA Pulls Hydroxycut

Weight Loss Product Causes Liver Damage and Other Health Problems

FDA Pulls Hydroxycut – On May 1, 2009, lovate Health Sciences, the Canadian based maker of Hydroxycut issued a recall due to the harmful side effects if its product.  The FDA reports that due to the use of Hydroxycut, there have been dozens of cases of liver damage, jaundice, and other related injuries, including one death of a 19-year-old boy in 2007.

This is not the first time a dietary supplement has been recalled.  In 2004, the government banned ephedra in many supplements because it was linked to heart attacks and strokes.  Many wonder why it takes so long for harmful diet pills to be recalled or why they are distributed in the first place.  People tend to believe that the FDA has verified that these diet products are at least safe and effective, and in reality they have not.  The fact of the matter is that the FDA does not regulate dietary supplements prior to their distribution.  Regulators monitor aftermarket reports for signs of trouble. There is no requirement that the diet pill manufacturers meet FDA regulations prior to putting the medication out on the market.  The public needs to be aware of the fact that although there are strict guidelines that the FDA requires of diet or supplement pills, these do not come into effect until reports come in about harmful or fatal side effects.

According to a Contra Costa Times article, a lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court on Wednesday June 17, 2009 alleging “violations of various states’ deceptive trade practices acts, misrepresentation, fraudulent, false and misleading advertisements, and unjust enrichment by distributing a product about which unsubstantiated claims of safety and effectiveness were made.”  The makers of Hydroxycut have known for a long time that their product is defective and causes liver damage, and yet they continued to market it as safe.  Hydroxycut failed to warn consumers of the risks injury when taking their product.  The FDA and dietary supplement companies need to come up with a means of regulating these dangerous medicines and the way they are advertised to consumers.

Hydroxycut, which is now banned, was recalled because it caused injury or death.  Consumers beware of taking Hydroxycut, it can cause liver damage, jaundice, or other health related problems.  If you are taking Hydroxycut please stop immediately and return the product to the store you purchased it for a refund.

Be aware: before taking any over the counter medicine, please consult with a physician and do research about the product.  If you have any adverse effects from an over the counter supplement, you should get medical attention immediately and report the adverse effect to the FDA.

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